Airtel SMS Pack Code 2021 Activate & Send Free SMS

Airtel SMS Pack Code 2021 Activate & Send Free SMS

airtel sms pack code 2021 activate & send free sms
airtel sms pack online recharge

Airtel sms pack 2021, have you ever wanted to send text message to multiple people without using your call credit. Well this is it, Airtel have launched it first sms pack which can be activated with Airtel sms pack code and Airtel recharge code.

This new sms plan by Airtel will save you from stress and reduces the amount spent to send text messages to multiple persons. The new sms was recently introduced by the giant telecom company airtel few months ago.

Each and every operation operated on the network, it has different code used to achieve it so it the sms pack. The Airtel sms pack code is a simple but unique USSD used to purchase this sms plan.

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Airtel Sms Pack Code

Depending on which sms pack you want to go for but each sms pack has a unique code dedicated to it which you have to know. I will mention some of the sms pack below the talk about them in details, the SMS amount, rates and pack prices.

Select any sms plan you want and dial the following USSD code


  • Offer
  • USSD Code
  • SMS Subscription
  • Lite
  • *160*10#
  • Send “10” to 160
  • Max
  • *160*20#
  • Send “20” to 160
  • Silver
  • *160*100#
  • Send “100” to 160
  • Ultra
  • *160*500#
  • Send “500” to 160
  • Platinum
  • *160*1000#
  • Send “1000” to 160
  • Diamond
  • *160*2500#
  • Send “2500” to 160

The Airtel sms pack bundle, allows her user to subscribe to a plan and send SMS at a reduced rate of 1.20N to all networks including Glo, MTN, BSNL, ETC. I in person usually subscribe to the pack when i want to send multiple messages to my friends and family.

Airtel SMS Pack Prices and Validity

Airtel sms pack is the solution if you want to send good wishes message to family and friends during festive period. You can even use the sms plan code to schedule a meeting by sending a message at once to multiple people.


  1. Lite 10 25 3
  2. Max 20 50 5
  3. Silver 100 200 7
  4. Ultra 500 1000 15
  5. Platinum 1000 1500 30
  6. Diamond 2500 3000 30

It is obvious that Airtel is really caring for the satisfaction and comfort of it customers to provide this exclusive offer. This Airtel sms pack is the only existing available pack for sending multiple sms as at the time of writing this article.

In this article i will teach you how to subscribe to any Airtel sms pack, and show you the pack codes. I will also show you how send free text messages online with your airtel Sim card.

How to Activate Airtel SMS pack

As i have said before, the only way to activate any text message pack is by the use of USSD code. Below i will be listing some of the sms pack codes, the activation and deactivation process.

Lite sms pack

Lite Pack, this airtel sms pack allows you to send text messages to only 10 people. The pack price to subscribe to the lite sms pack is 25# only. To activate the lite SMS pack simply Dial *160*10#

Max Pack

Max Airtel SMS pack the next cheapest text message plan apart from the lite plan. The Max pack allows you to send message to 20 people at once and the plack only costs 50# valid for 5 days. Dial *160*20# to activate this sms pack and start sending free sms to mobile phones.

Silver sms Pack

Silver pack is the third in line after the Max text message plan of Airtel subscription plan. Airtel Silver subscription plan,  is my second favorite pack, the pack plan allows sending of 100 messages and costs only #200. If you need this pack plan simply dial this USSD code *160*100#

Ultra Pack

Ultra pack is a good plan for small and medium business owners to send follow up messages to their customers. You can send upto 500 messages to mobile phone users with this airtel plan and it costs only #1000. Send “500” to 160 to activate Ultra pack and started with this plan or dial *160*500# and joy the Ultra SMS plan.

Platinum sms Pack

The second to the last plan is the Platinum sms pack plan, with platinum pack subscription, you can send 1000 messages. Platinum plan costs only #1500 and one good thing about this plan is that it last for 30 days.

Diamond Pack

And lastly, we have the Diamond sms pack plan that gives you the opportunity to send 2500 messages for #3000 and it is valid for 30 days. Follow the steps in the table below to activate any of the packs costs.

Frequently Asked Question

How can I buy sms pack in Airtel?

To buy Airtel SMS pack you can do it in 2 ways but the best method is to use USSD code. Now if you remember each sms package has a unique USSD code used to activate it.

If you want the daily text messaging plan, simply scroll up and copy the code for daily plan. The same applies for the monthly and weekly sms plan.

Is there any SMS pack for Airtel?

The answer is yes Airtel has a SMS pack. Airtel Text messaging plan is available for bot prepaid and postpaid Airtel subscribers.

The SMS plan can serve several purposes including business and personal purposes. This depends on what your plans and budgets are, you can subscribe for bigger or lesser plan.


This article covers all about Airtel sms pack, Airtel sms pack code and Airtel sms plan. Don’t forget to choose your airtel plan wisely and enjoy it while it lasts. Please don’t forget to ask any question if you find anything confusing about this article use the comment box. Don’t forget share this article with your friends.

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