Checkout Foods You should Avoid During Pregnancy

When a woman discovers she is pregnant, one of the first things she learns is what she can’t eat anymore.

Maintaining good health during pregnancy entails good dieting as certain foods must be cut down and some must be avoided. 


According to shedibase, some of the foods and beverages to limit or avoid while pregnant are as follows: 

1. High Mercury Fish: King mackerel, swordfish, and sharks are common examples of high mercury fish. Mercury is a highly toxic element normally found in polluted water.

When consumed by a pregnant or breastfeeding mother, the toxins can trigger the nervous and immune systems to break down in the woman, which can also impede the development of the unborn child.

It is advisable to consume fish like cod, salmon, and tilapia, among others, as they contain low mercury content. 

2. Consuming raw eggs can increase the risk of bacterial infection. Certain Salmonella species can be contracted through consuming homemade ice cream, poached eggs, homemade mayonnaise, and homemade icing. 

This could lead to uterine cramps, thus leading to stillbirth or premature birth. Stomach cramps, fever, diarrhea, vomiting, and nausea are typical symptoms of salmonella infection. 

3. Alcohol is discouraged for pregnant women as it could increase the risks of stillbirth or miscarriage. Even when consumed in small amounts, alcohol can impede fetal brain development, leading to intellectual deformity and sometimes facial aberration. 

4. Consumption of processed junk foods can cause rapid weight gain in both the mother and the fetus, resulting in complications during birth. Processed foods do not contain whole nutrients such as proteins, folate, iron, and choline. 

Caffeine, unpasteurized milk, undercooked, raw, and processed meat are also foods and beverages pregnant women should avoid.

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