These streets update Monday 26 July 2021

These streets update Monday 26 July 2021

These streets 26 July 2021: Shan remembers his past. He says Puchki. Ridhoy and police are outside. Shan hugs her and cries. He says Puchki please open your eyes. I really missed you. She faints. Ridhiy is outside. He says dada.. Shan hits it and says we are stuck here. Help.

Ridhoy says please break it. They break the lock and go in. Ridhoy sees Puchki.. He says asmita.. Please take her out of here. They take her out. Ridhoy says I wont let anything happen to you. I love you asmita. Shan is dazed. Ridhoy hugs her.

Nevi says my son is out because of that shan. Ridhou says he is being responsible because of Shan. Moushmi says you always take his side. Ravindra says did I ask you? You will teach me? And Nevi you do the same with ridhoy. Ridoy is sane because of Shan. Ridhoy follows him. If ridhoy stays with shan he will learn. I wont let shan go now. Don’t even think about it.

Ridhoy brings Puchki to hospital. He says nothing should happen to her. Please do something doctor. Ridhoy hugs shan. Shan says she will be okay. Everything will be okay. Ridhoy says are you okay? Shan says yes I am fine. Rodhoy says you are super man. Ridhoy says are you hiding something? SHan says no. Ridhoy says how did you end up there?

Ravindr calls Shan. He doesn’t pick. Nevi says how does ridhoy forget about my worry/ Ravindra says this is win of their brotherhood. He is there to help Asmita. I am glad he is learning to help people because of SHan. Shan is responsible for all this.

Ridhoy says how did you go there? SHan says there were some thugs after us. Ridhoy says thank God you went there and save my Asmita. Shna says someone locked us in the cold storage. Temperature was very low. And then.. Ridhoy says will she be fine? Shan says nothing will happen to her.

Shan sees Puchki’s childhood. He says I missed you every day. He laughs and says that smile is back Puchki. I want to ask you a lot of things. Pucki says like why am I Asmita now? how am I in Mumbai. He says why didn’t you tell me you are Puchki. You didn’t let anyone know. He shouts Puchki..

Puchki is being treated. She tries to get up. Ridhoy says are you okay? I am so glad you opened your eyes. I am so happy to see you. thank you. He holds her hand. She takes her hand back. She says who brought me here? He says me. You were fainted. I picked you and got you here. Asmita says I am fine now. Please go home. He says I am staying here. She says why? He says because I love you. Shan hears too.

Scene 1
Asmita says go please. Nevi says to Ravindra I can’t stand Shan here. He says you wont come between Shan and Ridhoy. Because of you I lost my son. Nevi says he left because of shan. ravindra says no he left because of you. If you come between shan and ridhoy you will have to face me. Moushmi says he is back here for a reason. He wont ever go back. We have to find out what that reason is. Nevi says I wont let him stay here.

Shan is in rain. He recalls that Asmita is Puchki. He says she i my friend and my brother loves her. Puchki comes there. Shan caresses her face and says Puchki.. SHe says you recognized me? He says why didn’t you tell me you are my.. Shan is imagining her. Puchki is standing aside. She says what didn’t I tell you? He says aare you okay?She says I took permission from doctor I am fine. What happened in cold storage? He doesn’t tell her. He says you were cold and numb. Ridhoy saved your life. She says what is entire truth. You saved me from cold.

Ridhoy says I told her I love her. And she asked me to leave. Nevi comes and says ridhoy you didn’t even pick my call. You told me my space in life. she says shan was missing. Nevi says he isn’t a child. And that girl who is she? People are talking about you. H says I went to save them both.
Puchki says look into my eyes. What happened there? He says nothing happened there. she says why is there guilt on your face? TO save me did you do something that you can’t tell me? He says are you crazy? Nothing happened. He says in heart I can’t tell you because my junior loves you.

Jamai overheard their conversation. He says there is something in between them. What is up? I have to keep an eye on them. Shan says life is complicating even more.
Nevi says I don’t like you roaming around the roads at that late night. Ridhoy says you wont understand. He says you have lost your son to love. I am in love. Nevi says I am so happy for you. Who is she. I will get you the girl you love. He says I will tell you on diwali. She says I will wait for that day.

Shan recalls everything. He packs his back and books his flight for mumbai.
Puchki recalls what he said. Watchman (who is also police agent) says Asmita we have to take you to inspector. He says are you okay now? She says yes. Inspector says he is going to Mumbai and then London. We have to catch him. Puchki says i don’t think he is into any of this sona gachi game. Inspector says do you have some connection with him?

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